Who are we?

We are K-Wiz,

an experienced plumbing and piping company in both household and industry sectors. K-Wiz supplies high-quality products for plumbing and piping services. K-Wiz provides the best preventive maintenance service for sanitary and water supply system. Besides, our company has experts in plumbing and piping systems maintenance.

We know that the good equipment can increase service performance, so we proudly present our high-quality products for plumbing and piping services to meet the client’s requirements for professional technicians to solve their problems.

We provide the best preventive maintenance service for household sanitary and water supply system in commercial buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and residential buildings. Sanitary piping services, such as drain cleaning and plumbing repairs offered by skilled engineers of K-Wiz. Our company has experts in building utility systems and high-tech equipment manufacturer to solve your problems about plumbing and piping system.

We understand customer requirements, so we immediately undertake the service to satisfy our most valuable people like you.

We aim to be the leaders in sanitary works consultancy and service for customers. Our professionals use high-tech equipment to service you. We are proud to be the most trusted company in Thailand.

We are K-Wiz, a plumbing services company.

Our professionals make a difference